Wednesday, 4 October 2017

An Introduction.

   My name is Ross-Barry. I am an 'Outdoorholic'. I have named myself this as I have a huge respect & appreciation for the outdoors, that is regardless of my mode or purpose for being there. Most of my experiences I like to share with anyone that is interested. Apart from the 'Social Network' sites, I have my own Blog - - where most of my experiences are posted.

   But 'My Journey. . . . ' blog is about a different experience. An experience, at this point of my life, I am not sure where or how it will end.

   Let me give you a brief explanation. I recently awoke one morning with a problem with my left eye and, two days later, I was given the news that something was seriously wrong. My next post, titled 'The Story So far', will deal in more detail with that first week.

   I have never considered myself a fitness-freak, but have appreciated the benefits of exercise without becoming obsessed. Mountain-biking, hiking and walking being my main forms of exercise. Swimming is also a favourite but, unfortunately, swimming-pools are a rarity and expensive to attend. I have always kept within my bodies parameters and listened to what it is saying to me.

   Well, that's about it in a nutshell. Sorry if it is short-and-sweet, but I have a tendency to waffle-on. I shall publish this now so I can move-onto completing my next post.

So, until then,



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