Thursday, 16 November 2017

Autumn in Japan.

   Whenever I am asked - "When is a good time of year to be in Japan?" - my answer is always the same - "Any-time of year is a good time to be in Japan. But some times are better than others. Like Spring and Autumn".

   Yesterday I went for one of my regular 'Bookrides into Kyoto' to check-out what my favourite second-hand bookshop had of interest. As it's been some time since I took this particular route - Yawataohashi Bridge along the Ujigawa River to Rokujizo. Then the Yamashiro River to the Biwako Canal and into the city - and, as it was Autumn, I took my time so I could take-in the beautiful colours that are abound at this time of year. And I wasn't disappointed. I realised how fortunate I was to be here in Japan, a country that is bursting-at-the-seams with scenic delights.

   The previous day, Tuesday 14th November, I had another appointment with the Opthamologist. He is still a bit confused as to exactly what is my problem and to find an appropriate diagnosis. He mentioned how unusual it was for my eye to return to near normality. Which impressed me, somewhat. He prescribed me more medication and made another appointment in another month. He wants to do another test to gauge my peripheral vision. And possibly another injection in my eye. I wish he hadn't mentioned that last comment.

   I have become use to the obscured vision in my left eye. The discomfort in my forehead, when I squint my eyes, has lessened. But, I still have to remind myself, when approaching an intersection, to make sure I observe what is on my left.

   Since my last post, I have been on two outings where I was accompanied by one other. On the 1st November we hiked a section of the 'Kyoto Trail', a trail that partly circumnavigates Kyoto City. It was my first hike since my medical problems arose. It felt great to be out on foot and I handled the occasion excellently.

   As always, when hiking in this area, there is plenty of great scenery and many photo opportunities.

   Four days later, on the 5th, my wife and I decided on a short bike-ride, which ended-up being a marathon 30km ride, to check-out a cafe at Makino, before making our way through Yawata City and finishing-up at Starbucks. 

   I am eager to get back into the swing of things. Later this-morning, when I have completed this post, I want to go for a short ride to check-out a few cycle shops in the area - my cycle computer has packed-up and needs replacing - in the hope I am ready for a long ride tomorrow. My friend, who I went hiking with a couple-of-weeks ago, is keen to do another section of the 'Kyoto Trail' and I have another hike I want to do. Hopefully these can be completed before the Winter snows arrive.

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