Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Back On The Road Again".

   After my tentative rides last week - a 30km followed by a 10km - I was pleased my limbs didn't react and I was able to get a good nights uninterrupted sleep. So, last Saturday 7th, and again today, I decided to clock-up some serious kilometers and see how my body responded. Saturday's ride was one of my 'Bookride to Kyoto' outings. This is an easy 60km ride, following the Yodo, Katsura and Kamo Rivers into my favorite bookstore in Kyoto. Today's 65km ride was a circuit I often do, where I make my way to Seika Town, connect with the Kizu River and follow it to Yawata, then the Yodo River to Hirakata and home. The first section is a series of three hill-climbs, with the remainder flat. Tomorrow I might do a short 10km ride to a shopping center for supplies for this weekend. With the weather forecast for next week for wet conditions, I can't see myself getting out much, if at all.

   Over the past few days I have noticed a slight improvement with my eye. The vision doesn't seem to be as obscured as what it was when the problem first appeared. With my right eye being the best of the two, I still rely on it and have to take extra precautions, especially when crossing an intersection. In the past a slight move of my head was sufficient, but these days, I have to anti-rotate the top half of my body. Difficult when on a bike. Sometimes, when I am squinting my eyes, especially when the sun is low or I am trying to focus on something, I get this pain in my forehead. But, when I met with the doctor, he asked me if I am experiencing any discomfort that area of my head.    

   The 17th, and the blood test results, is only a week away. But it may as well be a year. Although it's been two weeks since all this began, and it just seems like yesterday, I can't tolerate the anxiety of waiting. I occupy myself with getting my nose into a good book, watching t.v, planning & executing an outing, but I just can't get that date out of my head.

   Later this week my wife and I are off for an overnight gramping. Located next door is an Onsen with indoor swimming pool. Hopefully some images to share in my next post. So, until then - 



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