Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My Wife. My Best Friend. My Life Companion.

   For reasons of privacy, I shall, throughout this series of posts, refer to my wife as 'My Wife'.

   The title of this post sums-up how I feel about 'My Wife'. I am blessed to have her as my wife. She is the best friend anyone could wish for. And, as I have experienced since that day, when the first sign of a problem arose, she has been my companion and supported me throughout. In the past 17-years of our married life, I don't think a day has passed without me uttering the words - 'I Love You'.

   My Wife is a registered Nurse and works at a clinic specialising in Internal Medicine. She is very busy. The clinic is open seven days of the week and is only closed for three days of the year - the New-Year Holidays. The clinic has two surgeries per day - the morning & evening - and so the staff work a split shift. They also don't have regular days-off. 

   On Monday 25th, when I was given the news that something was seriously wrong with my left eye, and I needed to go to the hospital for tests a.s.a.p, an appointment was made for 09:30am the following day. As My Wife was on duty that evening, and rostered to work the following day, she had to hurriedly reorganise that day by swapping with another staff member so she could be with me.

   The following day, Tuesday 26th, we drove to the Outpatients Clinic at the Kansai Medical University Hospital. Hoping, like we all do when attending an Outpatients Clinic, we would be in-and-out for time for lunch. How wrong we were. It was the best part of nine hours, and we went from one clinic to another, for a whole range of tests, before returning to the Ophthalmologist for a wrap-up of all the results. Throughout, my wife supported  me and translated between myself and the doctors. No easy task, but she handled-it in a cool, calm, and collected manner. I was so very proud of her.

   Friday 29th and I had to return for an injection in my eye. This time the appointment was for 12:30pm and I was able to make my own way there. My Wife was working, but she managed to get time-off to come and support me.

   As the week drew to a close I began to notice how tired & listless she was, but she never gave-up on the support. This began to concern me, so much so, my health issues took a back-seat and I concentrated my energies on her health and well-being. I could take a rest at any time, but she had the clinic to return to, and her role as a nurse.

   So, thankfully, she had the following day off and a day of R & R. But that's another post - 'What If'.

So, until then,



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