Friday, 6 October 2017


   Commencing from the first week of September, and continuing through to the first week of November, I take a BIG breath and hold it.

   October is the month full of anniversaries. Of one sort or another. It commences on the 4th with my birthday. The 13th is our wedding anniversary, and the following day is my wife's birthday. Somewhere around this time, my niece, from my oldest brother, was born, along with the two children from my other niece, from my second-oldest brother.

   Then there are the less-celebrated anniversaries. Both my parents died in October, along with my cousin.

   In early September 2015, my step-sister was readmitted to hospital with a recrudescence of her cancer, after being in remission for 18-months. One of my first thoughts, and please don't take this the wrong way, was that this was going to be another October anniversary to mark off on the calendar. She passed-away on the 12th September.

   Now here we are back in October 2017, and this time possibly another anniversary to be marked-off on the calendar. It 's going to be a very-long remaining 25-days. Actually the next 11-days will be longer, as I wait for the, hopefully, final diagnosis as to what is wrong with me.

   Again I am faced with the recurrence of the tricks that the mind can play. On Wednesday I went for my first bike-ride in two weeks - normally I try to get out 3-to-4 times a week - and, in situations when I miss my regular ride, I don't play catch-up but recommence with a short ride. On this day, 30km. I went for a short ride again last-night, 10km. On both nights, when I was in bed, I had problems with all my limbs. They were very restless and affected my sleep. In the past year I have noticed this happening many times and have put it down to my age. But the question I have been asking myself, is this linked in any way to the problem with my eye? Seeing as the doctor has linked it to being M.S. related.

   I miss it, when I can't get out for a bike-ride, or hike, and I tend to get a bit moody. Sometimes the situation can't be helped - vis a vis the weather. As like today. Tonight I shall take note of how I sleep. Tomorrow, if it is fine, I want to bike into Kyoto City, a round trip of 60km. I'll let you know how it goes.



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