Thursday, 19 October 2017


   My last post - Murphy's Law - was a lighthearted description of the events of the 17th.

   For the three weeks leading-up to the 17th, and the two days since, I have spent many hours reflecting, covering the many aspects of my life. Yesterday I went for a short bike-ride - 40km x 3-hours - and, as I was in cruise mode, took the opportunity to take-in my surroundings. Although I have cycled this course many-many times over the years, I am still in awe of how very beautiful this planet is, and how fortunate I am to be able to appreciate & admire it.

   I regard myself a realist and avoid taking life, in whatever shape or form, for granted. I know, when I am with my lovely wife, or sitting atop a mountain, that one day I won't be here to appreciate it. So, during those three weeks, I looked at what I can do that, when my time comes to leave this life, will make others transition less stressful. Although I find this discussion easy, others find it not so. I need to tread carefully.

   In my blog - The Story So Far - I talked about the two possible diagnosis presented by the doctor - Neuromyelitis Optica and Giant Cell Arteritis - but, after Tuesday's consultation, it seems Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy  is the conclusion reached. And, after reading the information, my symptoms fit the symptoms detailed in the link.

   Another link I accessed was information regarding the medication I have been prescribed - vitamin B12. I know I said earlier that this was a mistake, but there are symptoms I am experiencing and am curious to know if they are related to the medication. 

   Last-night, and again during today, I have been experiencing bouts of low mood. Like most people, I don't like being sick. Even a cold or headache drives me up the wall. But this illness isn't going to go away quickly. Although the information says there is a good chance of a full/near full recovery, I am also aware my illness may be around for some time, this is backed up by the amount of medication I have been prescribed.

   This bout of wet weather isn't helping my cause either. I realize how long spells of rain can test the best of us, but not being able to get-out on my bike or hiking or, for that matter, any exercise, lowers my state of mood too. Today a Facebook Friend of mine invited me to join him on a hike. Although I didn't turn his offer down, instead I had to ask him to wait until I improved.

   Tomorrow, Friday 20th, and a predicted break in the rain. Albeit for one day. My plan, all going well, is to give my bike a long-overdue clean, a trip to the library, and a short bike-ride.


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