Thursday, 5 October 2017

My Family, and my decision not to tell them.

   If you have a family, especially a young family, or you are yet to enter the realms of parenthood, don't do this to your children. Don't do what our parents did to us. It's not fair. Whatever issues you may be experiencing, that is having an effect on your lives, don't let your children be the ones who suffer. It's not their fault. Remember, they are your children.

   I am the youngest of three boys. As children we were raised in an unhealthy environment. A psychologically unhealthy environment. As children our parents denied us the opportunity to be siblings. To grow-up loving, respecting and appreciating each other as siblings and, as we have made our way through life, our paths have taken us in the opposite direction to that of the other two. Each of us have been scarred and, to this day, we still bear those scars and deal with those awful days in our own ways. If our parents weren't satisfied with the mess they made of our lives, when they were alive, in death they both couldn't help themselves but leave us with a legacy where we would forever remain parted.

   Throughout my life I have lived with the dream that, one day, we will be united as siblings. But recently something happened, and I realized that that dream was just a fallacy. I still live with the respect and knowledge, that my older brothers are my brothers, but that is where it ends.

   I have decided to keep what is happening from my brothers, and other members of My family, and not inform them, until, if it comes to that point, after my remains have been disposed of. This is not punishment for past misdemeanors.I have mentioned this action to my wife, and I realize that she is uncomfortable with what I am asking of her. So, once things become more clearer, I will compose letters, seal & address them and have them stamped, to be posted after my remains have been disposed of.


   P.S. This is the final post of my series of catch-up posts. From here I shall compose as an occasion arises.

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