Monday, 16 October 2017

Closing-in On The 17th.

   I am now within 24-hours of learning my fate, I hope, and I don't think I am kidding myself when I say - "I am beginning to feel nervous". I made the mistake last-night of checking the website for information regarding the two options regarding my diagnosis.My mind went into overdrive but, thankfully, I had a good sleep and arose to a new day and this weeks housekeeping.

   But lets go back to Thur' 12th & Fri' the 13th. The 13th is our wedding anniversary so my wife booked us into 'Grax' (Map Location), a campground that has everything provided. This was our third trip here and it is always great to go camping without having to lug your own gear. The rain didn't dampen our enthusiasm and we were able to relax and chill-out.

   So, tomorrow. I have an 08:30am appointment and, unlike my first trip to the outpatients clinic, I hope it is the only one. That way I can head to Starbucks afterwards for a large latte and a good book to read, while my wife is shopping.

   It is still raining outside, which is a pain, as I like to go for a short stroll at this time of night. So I just have to find another source of relaxation. Maybe that book.



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