Wednesday, 4 October 2017

What If. . . .

   I have always firmly believed in the importance of communication. The passing of information. Something that stems from my 25-years of nursing.

   Saturday 30th. We both have the day off and decide on a day of R & R. We chose to stroll down to Yamadaike Park, a very large park about 15-minutes walk from where we live. The park has a network of paths and one can choose what terrain they want to stroll through. It is also an ideal site for that Weekend BBQ or Picnic. We packed a couple bottles of drink, some sandwiches & buns, plus the plastic ground sheet. On our way there we picked-up Azuki-chan, a 5-year old Jack Russel/Miniature Doberman cross, who belongs to Mother-in-Law. We have very fond memories of Yamadaike Park, and the many hours we have spent over the years strolling through it.

   As we are making our way to the park, I raise the topic - What If? I feel this important, as it may relieve my wife of any anxieties of what to do if a situation arises. In many countries people compile a Will & Testament so as there is no confusion as to what action to take in case . . . . Here, in Japan, this, I understand, is not common. The first issue I raise is a request that none of my family are to be notified that I am either ill, am dying, or have died (this will be covered in another post) and are not to be informed until after my remains have been disposed of. I realise this makes my wife uncomfortable so I don't pursue the discussion any further. Actually I drop the subject altogether. I feel, if it does comes to that, I shall compose a letter, address, seal and stamp it and have someone post it after.

   We enter the park through the main entrance and set-about to check-out a recently opened addition to the park. From there we make our way to an area we decide suitable for our picnic. We spend  a nice relaxing 60-minutes sitting in the shade, consuming our food & drink, and enjoying the view. The park is very busy, as you would expect of a warm, fine weekend day. From here we continue on our way around the park, exiting at the game gate we entered. Azuki-chan is returned home, not as energetic as she was when we picked her up. We arrive home, batteries recharged, put-on the jug for a coffee, and chill-out on the couch with a good book.

   Getting back to the 'What If' discussion. As-much-as I want to talk to my wife about 'What If', I need to wait until we know for sure what the diagnosis is and the prognosis. So, in the mean time, unless she raises the topic, we shall wait until the 17th October and resume the lives we were leading before that Saturday in late September.

   In my next post I want to talk about the tricks the mind can play. So, until then -


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