Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Tricks the Mind Can Play.

   About 30-years ago, my doctor prescribed medication for a problem I was having with my Sinuses, a problem that has affected most of my family. The problem was Hay Fever. And it was a pain-in-the-ass. I was prescribed tablets, to relieve any infection, and nasal spray.

   At the time I was working as a Nurse-Aid in a Psychiatric Hospital. One day, soon after I commenced the course of medication, I took the opportunity to check the Drug Cards at work, for any information regarding any side-effects. BIG-BIG mistake. There were side-effects, and, within days, I was suffering from all of them. My mind was playing tricks on me. But, in saying that, I guess I will never know if the side-effects were actually happening. I have never done that again.

   I made a similar mistake the following day after the preliminary diagnoses were given - Tuesday 26th. I discovered the notes my wife had made, and found the preliminary diagnoses. I logged-into the internet to check what information was there. Soon after I remembered that day, 30-years earlier, and decided to call a halt to any further research until the 17th when, hopefully, the doctor can shed some light on what is actually wrong.

   Another trap I am wary of, is taking advice from the amateur members of the medical community. These people will always tell you - "I had the same problem", "I know best", or "I knew someone who . . . ". I won't be paying any attention to them.

   Last Monday 2nd, my wife had the day off. It was felt some Retail Therapy was the order of the day. And deservedly so. As it had been some time since my last visit to Starbucks, and I was getting-behind with my book, I knew what I was going to do for the 2-hours my wife required to check-out the latest fashions. Sitting there, and later when I was strolling through the mall, I became self- conscience. I thought people were looking at me, or at my eye in particular. Then I realised there was nothing wrong with how my eye looked. My issue is within the eye itself. As the day wore-on I began to think the 'What If' issue. What if this is a disease I have and, what if it effects how I act in public. Because, if 'What If' does eventuate, people will stare at me. I have to be prepared for that. But, as I said earlier, lets wait until the 17th.

   Another symptom I have been experiencing, and this has been occurring long before this all started, is with my limbs. About 20-years ago I had a consultation with a Neurologist regarding my limbs. His diagnosis was Restless Legs Syndrome, something I experience when it is very hot; sometimes, when we rise in the morning, my wife is rubbing her face because, during the night, I was so restless my arms were flailing-about and I hit her. I have noticed, in recent months, when I have been out for a long bike-ride or hike, my recovery isn't what it use to be, and my limbs become restless and painful. I have to ask myself, is this my mind playing tricks, or is it for real?

   Another issue I need to be wary of is Depression and/or Anxiety. I am a sufferer of both.



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